2018 Book List

Few things have impacted our lives like consistently reading personal development & professional growth books. I aimed to read 1 per month last year. I still tend to buy them at a much faster pace than that!

1. Girl Wash Your Face

“Don’t tell me you don’t have it in you to want something more for your life. Don’t tell me you have to give up because it’s difficult. This is life or death too. Thai is the difference between living a life you always dreamed of or sitting alongside the death of the person you were meant to become.”

My entire book is highlighted, flagged, noted. This book led me to several Rachel Hollis videos, her Made For More movie event, a preorder of her new book which releases in March & best of all I get to see her speak LIVE (yes real life) in July! So down to earth, relatable & successful. I love that she inspired women all over the world to stop making excuses & LIVE your life.

2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fu*k

I have a thing for foul mouthed titles. And the content did not disappoint! The no nonsense of this book was greatly appreciated.

3. How to Be a Bawse

The layout of this book made it super fun! It’s kind of like a magazine-fashion, hair, makeup, realness, empowerment. It’s a survival guide so there are fun little reflective & writing prompts throughout.

“Don’t cheat yourself by blazing trough your life.”

4. You Are a Badass

This wasn’t my first rodeo with this book & probably won’t be my last. Forever my go-to for all things. Jen Sincero just gets me. Whitty, hilarious, applicable. We’re basically badass bffs.

5. A Tribe Called Bliss

This book was the most significant of the year. I read it with a small part of my team as Lori suggested. It was brilliant, thoughtful, made us reflect, dig deep & connect as a Tribe of positive women.

6. Like She Owns the Place

“I am no longer available for disempowering people, toxic beliefs or anything that does not support my highest self.” Yess girl.

7. The Compound Effect

8. Go Pro

I read this (again) to prepare me for an event in Las Vegas this Fall! Packed with specific strategies for Network Marketing & creating the life of your dreams.

9. Braving the Wilderness

This book was kind of slow going for me. I didn’t finish it because a few years ago I decided I would approach books with an open mind but I wasn’t going to continue spending my time reading books that either don’t resonate with me or that I enjoy.

She speaks a lot on vulnerability & it’s heavy on story & her experience. It’s possible I’m pretty selfish with my time 😉

10. Leaders Eat Last

“Leaders are the ones who run headfirst into the unknown.” This book encourages us to build trust, create culture & a team who knows you will show them the way.


Finish by Jon Acuff

Kick Ass by Mel Robins

10X by Grant Cardone

5 Second Rule by Mel Robins

Transform Your Life

I don’t know about you but the last big transformation I saw was postpartum baby #4! And I’m about ready for another! Transformation, NOT a baby! You too?! Lucky for us, a new program is dropping just in time for the new year!
What is Transform :20?
A fast, super-intense fitness program created by Super Trainer Shaun T that will transform your body—and your mind. Be forewarned—it’s hard. But the results will be worth it. Transform :20 is a breakthrough total-body workout without breaks. It’s just you, Shaun T, and a Step. After 5 minutes, you’ll be out of breath, at 10 minutes you’ll be sweating, in 15 minutes you’ll be looking at the clock, and by minute 20 you’ll be done. You’ll blast your core, legs, glutes, and upper body— no weights required. There’s a different workout every day, 6 days a week, done in real time with the cast. No do-overs and no repeats. Transform :20 is divided into three 2-week chapters: COMMIT, CLIMB, CONQUER. In each chapter, the moves evolve and get harder. Daily Transformer challenges will push you physically, and daily ShaunFirmations will help get your mind focused and keep you motivated.
How long are Workouts and the Program?
20 minutes a day over 6 weeks.
What is the Nutrition like?
The Beachbody® Nutrition Guide has been tailored to Transform :20 to make sure you’re getting the nutrients and fuel you need throughout the program to help you achieve your best results. It also explains how to incorporate Portion Fix® or the 2B Mindset™ into your eating plan. Extra Motivation: Weekly behind-the-scenes videos, “Transform Your Life with Shaun T,” feature Shaun T and the cast as they discuss their own challenges, with the goal of motivating everyone to stay committed and strong.
What’s included in Transform :20?
1. Workouts: 2 Prep Workouts Shaun T needs you to be ready to commit on Day 1. Do these 2 Prep workouts before you begin the program to get an idea of what’s to come in the next 6 weeks.
2. 36 Unique Workouts Each day has a different 20-minute workout done in real time, with no do-overs, repeats, or breaks, to keep your customers engaged and motivated to finish strong.
3. 6 BONUS Routines These workouts can be done anytime in addition to your regular workouts, or on days off. There are 3 ab routines, 1 recovery routine, 1 glutes routine, and 1 cardio routine, all 10–20 minutes long.
4. 6 BONUS Weighted Workouts An additional $40 value, included for free! These full-body workouts utilize dumbbells to take your workout up a notch. They can be done in place of a CUT or STRONGER workout, or added to any day to intensify your results. Transformers Each workout features three 1-minute physical challenges that repeat weekly, encouraging your customers to push themselves to get stronger each week.
5. Get Started Guide: A complete overview of the Transform :20 program and workouts, plus 5 simple steps to do before beginning the program.
6. Get Ready To Transform A video overview of the Transform :20 program and all available materials and tools. Step Safety A video that outlines how to safely use the Step for all moves.
7. Beachbody Nutrition Guide Tailored specifically for Transform :20, this guide will give your customers a simple, easy-to-follow eating plan along with recipes, food lists, and smart eating tips.
8. 6-Week Transformation Tracker Your customers can keep track of their fitness, weight goals, and daily workouts. Plus, they’ll get Shaun-Firmations, daily words of wisdom from Shaun T, to help keep them focused and in a positive headspace. Transform :20 is all about transforming body AND mind.
9. Wall Calendar/Tracker An overview of each day’s workout with space to track progress and daily Transformer challenges.
10. Hybrid Calendar Follow this calendar if you plan on incorporating the 6 BONUS weighted workouts. It’s the same 6 days a week for 6 weeks schedule with the weighted workouts folded in.
Transform 20-Base Pack
What equipment is needed?
All that’s needed is a Step—available to purchase from Beachbody while supplies last. For the 6 BONUS weighted workouts, dumbbells are required.
MARKETING: (things to make specific posts on to bread crumb the program)
1. Those who don’t have a lot of time to commit to working out: Each day’s workout is just 20 minutes and the entire program is just 6 days a week for 6 weeks. Transform :20 is a fast, intense program that makes the most of every minute.
2. Those who need motivation and accountability to stick with a program: Shaun T is an incredible motivator and inspiration to millions. Transform :20 is all about harnessing the mind to push the body, and giving people the tools to stick with the program.
3. Those who enjoy a high energy workout, and aren’t interested in lifting weights: For those who are intermediate- or advanced-fitness people, Transform :20 is a total-body workout that will transform everything—legs, core, upper body, and glutes. The secret is the Step—a transformational tool that will help your customers burn fat and define their entire body.
4. Those who want to lose weight in a short time: With a total commitment to Transform :20 workouts and the eating plan within the Beachbody Nutrition Guide, your customers will be shocked at what they can accomplish in just 6 weeks.Transform 20-Results
Are you ready to transform & make this your best year ever?! I will help you select a package based on your goals & budget! Let’s do this together!
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Sunday Groceries

As a family of 6 we consume everything in mass amounts. We get groceries 2-3 times per week, buy family sizes & have anything delivered from Amazon Prime that we can. 

Feeding this many faces does add up, but we decided years ago that nutrition was not the place to cut cost. There are too many things that are compromised with the cost of quality. 

Our eating has really evolved over the past 10 years, but we as a family eat the same (ain’t nobody got time for 6 different meals!) & it is our hope that our kids understand WHY. And that they grow to know why quality foods often cost more, as well as the difference between fueling themselves & treating themselves. 

The home is where healthy habits are established–no pressure right?! What we do today will either serve them well as adults or leave them trying to rework lifelong habits. 

While I’m there, I remember packing my own Bubble Yum lunch box as a 9 year old, with a Squeeze-It, bag of Ruffles & a Hostess “snack”. Sure, I still turned out OK! But I cringe at the lack of actual food consumed in most of my childhood days.

Ok, back on track.

While this is a regular list of things we eat, the ingredients & the way these foods are handled, fed or processed matters so much! Our bodies are not designed to manage or digest much of the things that are added into our foods today. To avoid that we have to be choosy!

While my jot-down list might look like something you stock frequently, look closely at the brands that are purchased. For example, yogurt is not Dannon or Yoplait, it’s plant based, unsweetened coconut yogurt. Spaghetti is not the $.99 BOGO, it’s gluten free rice noodles. 

My shopping list for our family of 6:

Bananas (1 ripe, 1 greenish bunch)
Organic Fuji apples (6)
Organic strawberries (2 16 oz)
Organic grape tomatoes (2 boxes)
Organic carrots (1 bag)
Organic broccoli (2 bunches)
Organic green beans (1 bag)
Organic bell peppers (4)
Organic cucumber (1)
Organic spinach (1 package)
Organic fingerling potatoes (1 bag)
Organic onion (2)

Applegate Farms sausage (2 boxes)
USA salmon
Grass fed ground beef (1 lb)
Organic chicken thighs (1 pack)

Vital Farms eggs (2 dozen)
Vital Farms grass fed butter
Ripple plant based half & half (2 on sale!)
So Delicious coconut yogurt (6)
Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk

365 organic coconut milk
365 canned tuna in water (2)
True Roots organic quinoa
Jovial organic rice spaghetti noodles
365 organic olives (2)
365 organic pickles

Applegate Farms salami
Applegate Farms roast chicken lunchmeat
Applegate Farms ham lunchmeat

GT’s kombucha (4)

Bobo bars (4)
Mama Chia squeeze packs (2 boxes)
Happy Baby Organics squeeze packs (6)
GoGo Squeeze Organic applesauce (2 bx)

Glutino pretzels
Organic dried mango (nothing added)
365 organic blue corn tortilla chips
365 roasted salted almonds
Terra Chips original
Equal Exchange 80% organic dark choc

1. Read ingredients over nutrition facts

2. Think about the things you put in your cart-are they going to serve your & your family’s bodies or are you just hungry right now & it seemed like a good idea

3. Shop for the next 2-3 days

Many times we load up on produce, but can’t possibly stuff down 4 lbs. of greens in 3 days before they go bad, so they go to waste & we call it expensive. Shop in small batches!

It will get easier! Anything can become a habit & the more we practice the more simple it becomes!

Obsessed About Plan B

Some take the week in stride. Some take charge & own it! This isn’t a typical prep for me, as a week of food for a family of six is A LOT to prepare. But I really wanted a visual for my groups.

The term OBSESSED can be used in a positive or negative light. I’m not really getting hung up on it, but I think when we become obsessed about li I our best, everything else falls into place. The choices you make, the places you go & the things you agree to in your week…if you always asked yourself “does this support my choice to live my best?” It would make things much simpler. Wouldn’t it?

We’re not obsessing over the scale or a number on a pair of pants…zzzz…obsess over living your best & thing that don’t matter will matter a lot less!

Or if you’re like me you could obsess over planning if you want.

Free 80 Day Obsession Plan B Eating Plan here:

80DO – Plan B Eating Plan

Personal Development 2017

2017 held way more than 4 seasons for me! Parenthood sure is a wild ride. And although we had 4 kids last year, it felt like a lot more this year. While there was a lot of growth in business, progress made in fitness, a huge addition completed onto our home, family-life just felt down right CRAZY. It was like a major adjustment day after day.

We became personal development junkies about 2.5 years ago. Since then I listen to podcasts while cooking & prepping food & in the car, when we’re without the big kids. Or until they notice. We read or watch videos every night. All that added up is a pretty significant amount of improvement! Right?! And yet I still feel like I could be tipped into the sticky-swap of motherhood if someone else sneezed on me.

Point is feeding a positive mindset creates resiliance. What I really need is a steel suit, but until then I’ll be readin’. And here’s how I bettered myself in 2017:


I listened to this on Scribd & had wished I got an actual book for it. There was so much I wanted to take notes on! You know, so I could have them…somwhere…This encourages us to apply quality over quantity in all aspects! Cut out the noise, focus on what matters & do what counts really, really well. Chances are we have a lot more time & space in our day than we’re actually using to it’s fullest potential.

Available on Amazon

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This book was pretty “woo-woo” & not so easy for me to get through. BUT if you are a creative, spiritual creature, you would totally dig this, man. The part that resonated most with me was that this life is “all just instinct, and an experiment and a mystery, so begin.” Go forward fearlessly!

Available on Amazon

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

Oh how I adore straight talking, foul mouthed humor! It really helps to get the point across sometimes. If you’re easily offended, there are plenty of other self help options. This is book is one big giggly pep talk. You’re about to feel awesome about yourself & all the amazing things you’re going to get started on after reading this.

Available on Amazon or Target

Grit to Great by Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval

Super quick read! This book claims you don’t need to be brilliant or incredibly talented to bcome hugely successful. With grit almost any goal is possible. “If you fall over keep on getting up.” That’s grit.

Available on Amazon

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

I had the honor of listening to Darren Hardy speak this Summer! I decided it was only right to read his book beforehand. The Compound Effect goes over the build up of both good & both habits, over time. The basic everyday habits can take you in either direction!  This book hold such a significance I send it to every new coach on my team!

Available on Amazon

The Whole Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. & Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

This book was suggested to us. And Greg & I each read our own copy. We really had no idea what we were getting into when we became parents. But are pretty sure that brilliant children are the most difficult to parent. This book provided so much insights & applicable techniques. Highly recommended, but we need to keep reading on the subject. All 4 of them.

Available on Amazon

Hungry for Happiness by Samantha Skelly

This book resonated so deeply with emotional eating, I decided to host a book club for it! If you need some insight on connection with the games you play, diet cycles or the way we often turn to food for comfort, read this. Like now.

Available on Amazon

Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop

This book! Ahh. Simple, no BS, ‘what kind of life do you want, lady?’ kind of book. I had this thing filled with notes, pages flagged & folded. Hands down the best book I read this year! And on my way to London I left it in the seat pocket after finishing it. Truly hoping the lucky person who found it takes the time to read it! It could seriously change the way they think.

Available in Delta One seat 6A or on Amazon

You Are a Badass at Making Money

Struggle with believing you are worthy of abundance? Money is NOT the root of all evil. When we stop limiting our own beliefs we expand our earning potential!

Available on Amazon & Target

The Magic of Thinking Big

These concepts could be applied EVERYWHERE. And shouldn’t they?! Get the most out of life. Discover a way to think bigger, act more & creat habits. All in the name of thinking big.

Available on Amazon

The 5 Second Rule

Call me impatient. I felt like parts of this was repetitive, especially considering the title. The book encourages us to act instead of overthinking & procrastinating by counting down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GO. Mel Robbins also explains why hitting the snooze button is a no-no in life! She talks a lot about anxiety & why we waste time worrying & putting things off.

Available on Amazon OR 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 listen on Audible

You are capable of living a big life! Invest in yourself & strengthen your belief in the new year. Wishing you big things in 2018!

5 Muffins That Defy the Muffin Top

Muffins are cute, convenient & can pack a punch in a polka dot wrapper! These little handfuls don’t always have to be made as special treats, it all depends on what goes into them. Make a batch at the beginning of the week to grab for a healthy snack or eat breakfast on the go!

{Banana Muffins}

2 ripe bananas

1/4 C melted coconut oil

1/2 C coconut flour

1/2 t baking powder

1 t vanilla

Mix ingredients in blender

Divide into lined muffin pan

Bake at 400* for 13-18 mins

{Flourless Chocolate Muffins}

The texture of these muffins are perfection! They’re like a spongy chocolate cupcake! But here’s the kicker-they have chickpeas in them! I wasn’t sure if they would still be chocolatey or kind of…tooty! But they are really good if you can get past the idea of the chickpeas!

1 (15 oz.) can chickpeas, drained, rinsed

3 large eggs

½ C pure maple syrup

⅓ C unsweetened cocoa powder

1 t baking soda

3 T coconut oil, melted

1 t pure vanilla extract

⅓ C dark chocolate chips

•Preheat oven to 350° F.

•Prepare 12 muffin cups by lining with muffin papers

•Place chickpeas, eggs, maple syrup, cocoa powder, baking soda, coconut oil, & extract in blender or food processor & blend until smooth

•Divide batter among 12 prepared muffin cups

•Top each muffin with about four chocolate chips; push into batter

•Bake for 18-20 minutes, or until done

•Cool completely and enjoy!

1 muffin = 1 yellow & 2 tsp

{Flourless Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins}

1 C Unsweetened coconut yogurt or Plain Greek yogurt

3 T raw honey

2 large very ripe bananas, cut into chunks

2 large eggs

1/2 t pure vanilla extract

2 C old-fashioned rolled oats

1 1/2 t baking soda

1/2 t sea salt

2 C fresh or frozen blueberries

2/3 C chopped raw walnuts (optional)

Preheat oven to 350*

Prepare 12 muffins cups with muffin liners

Place yogurt, honey, bananas, eggs, vanilla, oats, baking powder, baking soda & salt in blender

Blend until until smooth

Gently fold in blueberries

Pour into prepared muffin cups

Bake 20-25 minutes

Transfer to cooling rack

{Oatmeal Muffins}

Coconut oil for greasing pan

2 large eggs, beaten

1 t pure vanilla extract

2 large bananas

1 T raw honey

2 1/2 C old-fashioned rolled oats

1 T cinnamon

1 1/2 t baking powder

1 1/2 C unsweetened almond milk

3/4 C chopped raw walnuts

1/4 raisins

Preheat oven to 350*

Prepare 12 muffins cups with coconut oil

Combine eggs, vanilla, bananas, honey in large bowl & mix well

Combine oats, cinnamon & baking powder & mix well

Add oat mixture to egg mixture & mix well

Add in almond milk & mix well

Pour into prepared muffin cups

Top with walnuts & raisins

Bake about 26 minutes

Can also be topped with pecans, cashews, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate chips or dried cranberries

{Egg Muffins}

12 eggs

1 C veggies

12 slices nitrate-free meat

Coconut oil

Preheat oven to 375*

lightly grease muffin pan with coconut oil

put 1 slice nitrate-free Canadian bacon in each cup

Drop in sliced or chopped veggies

crack 1 egg into each cup

Bake until cooked until desired done-ness

They will look semi-translucent (like an over easy egg)

Perfect for a protein packed grab & go breakfast! Can be stored in an airtight container, in the fridge up to 3 days.

Get Obsessed

The newest revolutionary program 80 Day Obsession has launched! And I know I’m not the only one ready for big things in 2018!

I figured there were a few things you’d like to know!

What is the program?

80 Day Obsession is a step-by-step fitness and nutrition program designed to simultaneously flatten and tone your abs while lifting and firming your butt. Yay!

This program is for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. If you’re looking for a starting point, let’s talk goals & preferences so I can find the right program for you. If this ain’t your first rodeo, let’s go all in with 80 Day Obsession together!

It requires laser-focus on 80 challenging workouts spread over 13 weeks, plus an Eating Plan that’s based on the advanced theory of Timed-Nutrition.

Each of the 80 workouts is filmed live, so you get a different experience every day. 80 Day Obsession is not easy, but the results are definitely worth it!

What equipment will I need?

You will be using weights (light, medium and heavy depending on your fitness level) resistant loops, strength slides and portion control containers.

What do I eat?

The exciting thing about this plan is there is an all new TIMED nutrition plan included. We will focus on whole fresh foods and will be eating to fuel our bodies for the demands of the intense workouts. Muscles need food! And we’ll be getting plenty of it!

How long is the program?

The daily workouts will be 45-60 minutes long. They are spread over 13 weeks and will build on each other each week. It’s like a new workout each day so we won’t get bored! We’ll continue to keep our bodies guessing to maximize results!

What are my options to get started?

If you are a loyal Beachbody customer, but not yet on Beachbody On-demand or Shakeology or the Beachbody Performance Line, your best starting point is a challenge pack! There are package options for everyone, depending on your goals!


Take a look at these results!

Are you ready?!

If you are ready to rock the results here is what you need to do next: 1 Fill out an application Apply here to join us! 2 Together we will pick out which package is best for you based on your goals!

Get Out of Feast Mode

Thanksgiving hangover? Feasting on mass amounts of salt, sweets, snacks & treats might be part of the holiday, but the sooner you get back on track, the better! Here’s how to get out of feast mode!

•Drink lots of water to rehydrate from the extra sodium

•Get your workout in to sweat, release toxins & reduce water retention

•Pass on the pumpkin pie today-sugars & starches after a heavy meal will only compound the effects of it

•Eat fresh veggies & healthy proteins so your body burn yesterday’s fuel more efficiently

Most importantly don’t dwell on how much you ate, how full you felt & how you’re never going to eat again in your life. Focus on what you were thankful for on Thanksgiving & move on! You’re human, you enjoyed yourself. Awesome!

What Kind of Drink Are You Sippin’?

2 and a half years ago I ended every day bloated. My body was usually in digestive distress & I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t attribute it to my nutrition because I ate ok. But I also finished off most nights with a few bowls of ceral. Or maybe ice cream. What I was feeling was the compound of things that were not serving my body well.

I was introduced to a workout program that focused on whole food nutrition. It opened my eyes to proper portions, daily vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics & botanicals all mixed up in a superfoods powder that I could drink for breakfast everyday.  Simple enough! After 3 days, I could FEEL a difference & wasn’t bloated. 12 days I could SEE the difference & my tummy was no longer distended. That was about the same time my husband started drinking it too. And so did our kids.

One simple switch offered convenience & whole, dense nutrition for our entire family. And has become something we will never compromise on.

What is Shakeology?

Shakeology is not magic. Well it IS, but there’s nothing mysterious about it! All ingredients are real, traceable & come from the earth. It is comprised of 70+ superfoods that work together to fill nutritional gaps, keep you feeling your best.

Shakeology is a nutrient dense meal replacement shake. NOT just a protein shake! It is made of globally sourced superfoods & is equivalent to 5 servings of superfood salad! Of all the things you will find in Shakeology here is some of what you won’t:

• NO artificial sweeteners

• NO soy

• NO fillers

• NO preservatives

• NO artificial stimulants

Shakeology contains all the nutrients needed to help lose weight or maintain weight. Support healthy blood sugar levels, support healthy hair, skin & nails, takes care of all your vitamin & mineral requirements, balances mood on a cellular level. Is this blowing your mind?

It is available in 4 flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Tropical Strawberry or Cafe Latte with protein blend: Whey, Pea, Sacha Inchi, Chia, Flax, Quinoa OR Vegan Chocolate, Vegan Vanilla, Vegan Strawberry or Vegan Cafe Latte with vegan protein blend: Chia, Pea, Flax, Quinoa, Rice, Oat

What does Shakeology do for you?


Shakeology contains some of the most potent antioxidants: flavonoids and phytonutrients such as spinach, blue green algae, carrot powder, strawberry powder, and vitamins E and C. These help to prevent free radicals from oxidizing and destroying cells. The ingredients in the antioxidant blend such as pomegranate, acas berry, camu-camu, goji, and blueberry also have powerful antioxidant effects to support your immune system and help protect your body from normal inflammatory response.


Shakeology contains a range of B vitamins and trace minerals like zinc and magnesium from whole food sources that regulate metabolism and increase energy. Shakeology also contains maca root, an adaptogen herb known to promote endurance and stamina.


Shakeology’s non-dairy prebiotic and probiotic blend contains fiber and different enzymes like amylase, papain, cellulose and lactase, which all support digestion. These ingredients aid in breaking down food molecules into smaller molecules that can be properly digested, so of the nutrients can be absorbed into your system.


One scoop of Shakeology provides 100% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin B12. B12 is often linked with good mood maintenance. B vitamins are also essential for the production and proper functioning of neurotransmitters like dopamine, crucial to the experience of pleasure. Shakeology also contains cacao, which is very high in phenylethylamine (PEA). PEA acts as a neuromodulator to enhance one’s mood.


Many of the ingredients in Shakeology ) spiraling, chlorella, flaxseed, barley grass, spinach) contain powerful detoxification compounds such as chlorophyll and alpha-linolenic acid. These ingredients may help rid the body of environmental toxins such as smog, heavy metals, herbicides, cleaning products and pesticides. They also aid in liver detoxification. Shakeology also includes kamut grass, an ingredient coined “nature’s most powerful detoxifier.” This grass has been known to cleanse the body and detoxify the cells to restore health and vitality.


The antioxidants, bioflavonoids, and flavonoids in Shakeology work to support immunity. Some of these ingredients include ashwaganda, acerola cherry, rose hips and goji berries. Goji berries in Shakeology are one of the richest sources of antioxidants; not one does goji berry promote eye, reproductive and circulatory health, but it also supports your immune system and promotes longevity!

Satiety & Cravings

The protein, chromium and nutrient-dense calories from superfoods in Shakeology work to help decrease your appetite. Chromium is important because it helps maintain blood sugar levels, which reduces sugar cravings and promotes fat metabolism. Plus, protein-rich meals are a great way to keep you feeling full longer!

Complete Nutrition

Each Shakeology ingredient plays an important role in feeding your body on a cellular level, but it is important to remember that the synergy of the 70+ ingredients working together is what truly fuels your body to keep you looking and feeling your best.

• Protein helps build lean muscle & reduce cravings

• super-fruit & antioxidants help fight free radical damage

• phytonutrients support healthy vitality

• adaptogens help the body adapt & respond to the effects of stress

• probiotics, probiotics, fiber & enzymes help nutrient absorption & support regularity & digestive health.

Shakeology is clean, dense, convenient nutrition for EVERYONE! Our family of 6 enjoys it everyday!

Are you ready to improve your nutrition with one simple change? Click here

Talk to you soon!

Grocery Shop Like a Boss

Grocery shopping seems easy enough, right?! But so many people dread it! And getting groceries with all 4 kids doesn’t exactly top my list, but I LOVE having a stocked fridge! So we get groceries a few times a week.

Here’s an outline to simplify shopping & make groceries less of a monster.

Consider what sections the bulk of your shopping is done. Fill your cart like you’d fill your plate-nutrient dense foods first!


You may have heard shop the perimeter before, but do you know why? Produce, nuts, meat, eggs are all located around the edges of the store. The center aisles are filled with starch, preservatives & convenience foods. When you venture into the center, know what you’re there for!


We are creatures of habit! So many times we focus on what’s right in front of us. We look eye level from fridge, pantry & grocery aisle shelves alike. We often miss the gems on the very top or bottom! But next time your looking for oatmeal, take a look!


I know gluten-free seems trendy, but gluten is widely known to produce inflammation even if you don’t have Celiac or an extreme sensitivity.


There are better options of nearly everything. But the terms “all natural” “gluten free” “organic” or “no sugar added” do not make them healthy. Though they might be an improved option, but it is still the same kind of product. “All natural” cookies are still cookies & still don’t make a meal, k?


When buying packaged foods, know what’s in it! Look for few ingredients, no added sugars (anything ending in -ose), no added preservatives. The nutrition label that tells you how much fat, sugar, fiber, carbs is secondary to the ingredients.

By the time you reach the checkout your cart should be loaded with fresh fruits & veggies, some seeds, proteins, nuts & gluten-free grains.

Happy shopping friends!