Obsessed About Plan B

Some take the week in stride. Some take charge & own it! This isn’t a typical prep for me, as a week of food for a family of six is A LOT to prepare. But I really wanted a visual for my groups.

The term OBSESSED can be used in a positive or negative light. I’m not really getting hung up on it, but I think when we become obsessed about li I our best, everything else falls into place. The choices you make, the places you go & the things you agree to in your week…if you always asked yourself “does this support my choice to live my best?” It would make things much simpler. Wouldn’t it?

We’re not obsessing over the scale or a number on a pair of pants…zzzz…obsess over living your best & thing that don’t matter will matter a lot less!

Or if you’re like me you could obsess over planning if you want.

Free 80 Day Obsession Plan B Eating Plan here:

80DO – Plan B Eating Plan