Sunday Groceries

As a family of 6 we consume everything in mass amounts. We get groceries 2-3 times per week, buy family sizes & have anything delivered from Amazon Prime that we can. 

Feeding this many faces does add up, but we decided years ago that nutrition was not the place to cut cost. There are too many things that are compromised with the cost of quality. 

Our eating has really evolved over the past 10 years, but we as a family eat the same (ain’t nobody got time for 6 different meals!) & it is our hope that our kids understand WHY. And that they grow to know why quality foods often cost more, as well as the difference between fueling themselves & treating themselves. 

The home is where healthy habits are established–no pressure right?! What we do today will either serve them well as adults or leave them trying to rework lifelong habits. 

While I’m there, I remember packing my own Bubble Yum lunch box as a 9 year old, with a Squeeze-It, bag of Ruffles & a Hostess “snack”. Sure, I still turned out OK! But I cringe at the lack of actual food consumed in most of my childhood days.

Ok, back on track.

While this is a regular list of things we eat, the ingredients & the way these foods are handled, fed or processed matters so much! Our bodies are not designed to manage or digest much of the things that are added into our foods today. To avoid that we have to be choosy!

While my jot-down list might look like something you stock frequently, look closely at the brands that are purchased. For example, yogurt is not Dannon or Yoplait, it’s plant based, unsweetened coconut yogurt. Spaghetti is not the $.99 BOGO, it’s gluten free rice noodles. 

My shopping list for our family of 6:

Bananas (1 ripe, 1 greenish bunch)
Organic Fuji apples (6)
Organic strawberries (2 16 oz)
Organic grape tomatoes (2 boxes)
Organic carrots (1 bag)
Organic broccoli (2 bunches)
Organic green beans (1 bag)
Organic bell peppers (4)
Organic cucumber (1)
Organic spinach (1 package)
Organic fingerling potatoes (1 bag)
Organic onion (2)

Applegate Farms sausage (2 boxes)
USA salmon
Grass fed ground beef (1 lb)
Organic chicken thighs (1 pack)

Vital Farms eggs (2 dozen)
Vital Farms grass fed butter
Ripple plant based half & half (2 on sale!)
So Delicious coconut yogurt (6)
Califia Farms unsweetened almond milk

365 organic coconut milk
365 canned tuna in water (2)
True Roots organic quinoa
Jovial organic rice spaghetti noodles
365 organic olives (2)
365 organic pickles

Applegate Farms salami
Applegate Farms roast chicken lunchmeat
Applegate Farms ham lunchmeat

GT’s kombucha (4)

Bobo bars (4)
Mama Chia squeeze packs (2 boxes)
Happy Baby Organics squeeze packs (6)
GoGo Squeeze Organic applesauce (2 bx)

Glutino pretzels
Organic dried mango (nothing added)
365 organic blue corn tortilla chips
365 roasted salted almonds
Terra Chips original
Equal Exchange 80% organic dark choc

1. Read ingredients over nutrition facts

2. Think about the things you put in your cart-are they going to serve your & your family’s bodies or are you just hungry right now & it seemed like a good idea

3. Shop for the next 2-3 days

Many times we load up on produce, but can’t possibly stuff down 4 lbs. of greens in 3 days before they go bad, so they go to waste & we call it expensive. Shop in small batches!

It will get easier! Anything can become a habit & the more we practice the more simple it becomes!

Obsessed About Plan B

Some take the week in stride. Some take charge & own it! This isn’t a typical prep for me, as a week of food for a family of six is A LOT to prepare. But I really wanted a visual for my groups.

The term OBSESSED can be used in a positive or negative light. I’m not really getting hung up on it, but I think when we become obsessed about li I our best, everything else falls into place. The choices you make, the places you go & the things you agree to in your week…if you always asked yourself “does this support my choice to live my best?” It would make things much simpler. Wouldn’t it?

We’re not obsessing over the scale or a number on a pair of pants…zzzz…obsess over living your best & thing that don’t matter will matter a lot less!

Or if you’re like me you could obsess over planning if you want.

Free 80 Day Obsession Plan B Eating Plan here:

80DO – Plan B Eating Plan